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Controlling Your Energy Future
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“GeoGenix is very customer service oriented, all the way from their salesperson to their electrician to their bookeeper.  You don’t find that often these days and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.” 

Gregory Haralampoudis
Lanca Sales

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Frequent Questions

What happens when my power goes out?

When your power from the utility goes out, your solar system will automatically shut down.  This is required by utilities for the safety of their workers so that power is not being "backfed" into the grid when they are working on restoring power.   ...

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Control Your Energy Future
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Control Your Energy Future

Join us for a breakfast seminar on Thursday, September 27th in Westborough, Massachusetts.  For more information or to register, please click here.

Join our industry experts and walk away with a clear picture of how to control your energy costs. Did you know you can go solar with no upfront investment and save thousands over the life of the system? And often include roof improvements in the deal? Learn how the latest in LED lighting and often overlooked mechanical measures can help maximize your savings and control your energy future.

Controlling your energy costs is an issue facing everyone from municipalities to Fortune 500 companies. The key to successfully controlling your energy future is learning what is best for you, based on your business requirements, financial position, and tax situation, as well as your specific building characteristics.

With so many technical and financial options to consider, join GeoGenix, SunPower, Synergy, and Acela Energy over breakfast to learn how solar, mechanical measures, and lighting can help control your energy future.

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